Internationalising Education in Year 6

This term in Year 6 we have been using texts about Malala to internationalise our program and achieve our learning goals.

This first example was about how author’s use strategies to influence readers. We used the text ‘Malala/Iqbal’ by Jeanette Winters to look at images, font and powerful language to explain the author’s purpose.

This second example was when we watched the film ‘He Named Me Malala’ as a way to teach modality. As the students watched, they thought about what Malala should/might/must do as a result of her experiences. 

This third example was on how authors use repetition to emphasise certain aspects of a text. In the text ‘Malala: Warrior With Words’ by Karen Legget Bouraya we looked at how images, words and ideas are repeated for added effect.