2017 Mission Statements

Welcome to our blog for 2017! We hope to be sharing many great examples of how we are internationalising education at TMPS this year. For our first blog we have chosen mission statements from Years 1-6 to demonstrate how each year level shows links to the world around them.

Year 1JX: 1JX students realise we have a connection with things that are close to us, but we also have a connection and responsibility to the world. We know how important it is to look after the world in order to live together peacefully.1

Year 2IW: We brainstormed with our partners about what the word, ‘diversity’ meant to each of us. We had a deep think, and finally came to a few agreements about being a ‘Global Thinker’ as a class:

*‘Diversity’ simply means ‘differently’.

*Being different makes us interesting and unique.

*We don’t need to be anyone else but ourselves! Just be me!

*We value diversity by being inclusive and fair.photo-27-2-17-8-27-01-amphoto-27-2-17-8-29-42-am

Year 3RC: When creating our mission statement 3RC spent time discussing how it is important to be connected to ourselves and our cultures and to each other.  We discussed ways in which we are all similar and ways that we are different and how we should celebrate both our similarities and our differences.3.png

Year 4CM:

Quality education: 4CM is committed to ensuring a safe and respectful classroom.

Reduced inequality – no discrimination: 4CM will accept each other for who they are and where they came from.

Gender equality: 4CM will respect gender equality.4

Year 5SP: In Year 5, we believe in being global citizens! We do this by being connected with the world around us and by learning about global issues. As a result, we gain a better understanding of our world and how it works. This promotes tolerance and appreciation of different beliefs, cultures and backgrounds as well as inspiring us to make the world a better place!5.jpg

Year 6JR: We believe that we are connected to everyone around us no matter their backgrounds. We believe that we are all a part of the same global community and thus must work together in harmony.6a6b