Clean Up Australia Day

We took part in Clean Up Australia Day. Classes went out into the school grounds to collect rubbish and then reported back the types of rubbish that were found. Our main issue is food wrappers.

We have come up with some suggestions to assist in the reduction of the waste in the grounds. These are going to be shared and discussed with students. It is important to understand why we need to keep our environment clean, to protect our animals life, the water ways, the native vegetation and our own health. Being aware of the reasons for our actions, gives more purpose to the students understanding.

Below is a list of ideas:

  1. Students to eat their snacks and lunch in class.
  2. Students are not to take food outside unless they are going to shade area.
  3. Classes participate in their scheduled clean up time.
  4. Encourage students to have Nude Food.
  5. Students make sure school work and notices go home.

Let’s all help each other make our community a cleaner place!