Harmony Day 2017: Prep

The Harmony Day buddy activity was a hit with the Prep students. After reading How Do You Wrap That?, the Preps and their buddies discussed the ways in which they could change the world. Some examples were:

  • be kind to each other
  • share money with others
  • have more doctors
  • pick up our rubbish

The preps worked with their buddies to create a drop of water to add to their wave of change. This session exemplified the TMPS values of being caring, courageous and connected. The students demonstrated caring in their suggestions, courageousness in introducing themselves to and working with older students and connectedness in forming a bond with another class. Above all, the buddy activity represented the Harmony Day theme of belonging together.

Harmony Day Prep Buddy Photo 13Harmony Day Prep Buddy Photo 2Harmony Day Prep Buddy Photo 1