Harmony Day 2017: Grade 1

The Year 1 students started their day of with a variety of different activities, which consisted of learning the lyrics of the Australian Anthem, finding out about their favourite food at home (some dishes were extremely hard to pronounce), making special hats, reading stories and learning special dances from around the world. We then joined up with our  buddies and discussed how we are similar and different through games. We also created a wave made up of droplets of water which had their ideas of actions that will make our world a better place to live in. Finally we finished the day off with a special whole school assembly. The Year 1 students enjoyed the performances by the school choir and the Sabawi family. We learnt a lot about working harmoniously with each other. They can not wait to celebrate Harmony Day again next year!

Photo 25-3-17, 4 46 17 pm (1)Photo 25-3-17, 4 46 40 pm