Harmony Day 2017: How Do You Wrap That?

IMG_3608IMG_3609IMG_3613As part of our T.M.P.S. Harmony Day celebrations, all our students participated in reading ‘How Do You Wrap That?’ by Erin Wicking and completed activities based on the book.  The story is designed to introduce children to the special gifts of the sustainable development goals and encourage all children to understand that they can make a difference.

We were fortunate enough to have the author, Erin, visit our school.  3RC and 6TG were the lucky students who were given the opportunity to enjoy Erin reading the story to them before she visited some of the other classes.  Students asked some really thoughtful questions and were able to learn not only about the sustainable development goals but also about what it takes to put together a story.

“After meeting Erin I felt like we can change the world.” Kristina Year 3

“When I saw Erin I was really excited because I liked the book that she wrote.” Elliana Year 3

“I loved how each child in the book related to the specific need of that country.” Charlotte Year 5

“Erin was fun.  She showed us her book and read it to us.  I felt that I could change the world if I set my mind to it.  I understand that everyone should respect each other.  Everyone can change the world even if people only do a little thing.”  Anastasia Year 6

“It was fun to have Erin read the story to us because I have never had a real author read her book to me.” Summer Year 3

“The book inspired me about how to make the world a better place.” Sinai Year 5

“It was very inspirational to meet Erin because her book explained how one person can make a difference to make the world a better place.” Evelina Year 6

“I think the best gifts are the ones that you can’t wrap.” Carmen Year 5

“It was a really good book, thank you Erin for coming to read it to us.  I really liked the book because it was saying that everyone is different but are all the same in a lot of ways and that is good.” Zayd Year 3

“It was wonderful to listen to Erin read her book to us.  The story has inspired me to make a difference.” Lea Year 6

“I loved the ideas of what we can do to help the world.” Mitali Year 5