Calligraphy Club


We have started a calligraphy club during Monday lunchtimes. This term, students in Years 5 and 6 are invited to participate in a 25 minute lesson on the tools, how to correctly hold a calligraphy brush and the different strokes used in calligraphy writing. This club is taught by our Chinese assistant Elaine Mu. All students have worked extremely hard and were engaged and fascinated with the steps involved. The session finished with students answering questions regarding the 4 treasures of calligraphy (brush, ink, xuan paper and the inkstone) and students also got to take home a ‘fu’ (福) character which means luck.

Please see the following photos of students enjoying the first Calligraphy club. We hope to see different students each week. Don’t worry Years Prep to 4, you will have your turn soon!