‘I Wish’ Poems – Year 5CI

In Year 5, we have been focussing on poetry writing, in particular, learning about how to write an ‘I Wish’ poem. In 5CI, students decided on a few really important things that would make their lives and others around them happier. We had a look at the Global Goals, and discussed ways in which we could improve the earth that we live on. Here is what we came up with.


What would you wish for?

Aneeza’s thoughts:

“I chose the Global Goal of Gender Equality because, do you really think it’d be fair if your twin brother had the same job as you and started at the same time as you but he got paid more? I am sure you don’t want that to happen! I also had a think about the TMPS values that include people being caring, connected and courageous. This is my ideal world!”

Bella’s thoughts!

“I chose Gender Equality too, because what it means to me is that some genders are being treated better than others. It’s just so UNFAIR! How would you like it if your brother or sister was treated better than you?”