Calligraphy Club – Term 3

by Elaine Mu (Mandarin Assistant)

bThis term we are still running the calligraphy club on Mondays. However we are trying something new this time considering the students’ age and interests. I taught some basic knowledge about traditional Chinese painting besides calligraphy.

When they come into the club, they are all attracted by the Chinese brushes and colorful paintings. The first important thing is to introduce painting tools then we talk about different brushes made of weasel’s hair and goat’s hair and special Xuan paper. We then learn how to hold a Chinese brush. We use three fingers to hold and the forth finger to support it and keeping it vertical. The main task is of the session is to paint a peach. I show them how to paint step by step and the students follow. The point is not paint exactly what I do but to express their own feelings and thinking. Every student loves to try and add their own imagination. I feel proud and impressed that the kids enjoy the time in the club and learn something new about traditional Chinese painting.