Outdoor Classroom

By Liz Cooke—Sustainability Coordinator

During the first week of Term 4, we have been participating in the Outdoor Classroom. This is an international program, encouraging students and teachers to take their lessons in to the outdoors.

With research showing that a larger number of children and adults do not spend much time in the outdoors, The Outdoor Classroom is a way to encourage students to get in touch with their own outdoor environment.

During the week, teaches will be taking a session outside. It might be hands on activity or it might be simply taking their writing or reading books outside to complete an activity.

Students will need to wear hats and teachers will be selective on when they go out depending on weather.

With the warmer weather coming on, encourage your children to spend some times in the outdoors, whether it is playing a game of soccer or footy or simply reading their favourite book under a tree.

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