Public Speaking Night – Year 5

By Ellen and Miriana

As we were trying to make our way around the school at 7:00pm, it felt as though our hearts were leaping out of our chests in excitement.

Today was our Public Speaking Night. We had been practising for this night for the whole term. The Public Speaking Program was a beneficial way of enhancing our confidence, leadership skills and commitment to things.

The Public Speaking Night consisted of 5 speeches, on either ‘Inspirations’ or a ‘Global Goal’. Speak on your feet, which meant receiving a random topic, and talking about it for a whole minute. The evaluators would give comments about a speech and the quiz team would quiz the audience about the speeches.

For our second speech (on the Global Goals), we were able to choose from one of the 17 goals that we were interested in. The point of these goals is to make the world a better place that we live in by giving people a better understanding of them and awareness, in hope to achieve them by 2030. That is why it was so important to dedicate one of our speeches to the Global Goals. Which one would you choose to speak about?

Finally, the clock ticked 7pm on the dot, the night had begun! As excited as we were, we couldn’t help feeling neurotic, as if we had spiders crawling in our stomachs.

It was such a great night!