The Prince’s Breakfast – Year 6CI

In Thomas Mitchell PS, we have so many different cultures and backgrounds, which we all share with each other. If we don’t share our diversity, we are like a black and white colouring book, boring and hard with nothing to express our heritage. But when we share who we are, we are colouring in a wonderfully unique and intricate colouring book, of which has no borders. We are so lucky to have a section in our library, of which has books about different parts of the world, and books which are in different languages, which truly express our diversity and helps us to become TMPS global citizens, even more than we are now.

Our classmates always share our diversity in a caring environment, and we always work together harmoniously regardless of one’s heritage. During 6CI’s weekly library session, our classmate, Esteban, read us The Prince’s Breakfast (El Desayuno De El Principe), sharing his unique Spanish background with the class. This is just one of the many acts of sharing our mixture of cultures we do everyday.

Everyone comes from different cultures and have different family trees. If we don’t share our backgrounds and family cultures, every tree will stand alone. But when we share who we are, we come together to create a forest.