‘Pathuru’ Sri Lankan Dance – Harmony Day

Written by Seha 3IW

I was so excited about this year’s Harmony Day that I couldn’t sleep the night before! At 2:40pm, the entire school had a whole school assembly at the gym. My friends and I (this includes Chenuki, Devmi, Thanushi, Shania and Isini) were performing a special Sri Lankan dance in front of the whole school!

We all got dressed in beautiful traditional clothes. Our mothers came to help their daughters to get ready for the dance. My mum and my aunty came to help me get dressed. My mum helped me put my costume on and my aunty helped me style my hair. Our costumes were exquisite – they were coloured red, orange, blue and gold. We danced extremely well and everyone clapped so loudly at the end of the dance. I felt so proud of my Sri Lankan heritage and felt so blessed to call Australia home.IMG_6894.jpg