Suitcases in a Nutshell – Year 6CI

When you think of suitcases, you think of those lush paradise resorts, don’t you? Well refugees couldn’t have the same experience because of the conditions of which they had to escape in. Sad, isn’t it? Now we put our knowledge to the test and decided to put ourselves in a little refugee’s shoes. This coincidently collided with our integrated topic, “Australian Stories”. We packed photos, toys, and other prized possessions. But it seems some suitcases were larger than others.

Every day, there are people waiting in refugee camps to see if a country will let them in. They have a lack of food, water, and in most times not even adequate clothing. But these suitcases are a sign that many of us still care for those, either in or out of the country.

Here are some people and the items they brought:

There’s Hayley who brought a flag of her country where she came from, a family photo, her dog’s favourite toy and a toy teddy bear which her grandma made for her.

There’s Yalda who has a family photo, a sketch book and pencils, a special coin, a necklace her grandma gave her and her birth certificate.

There’s Tristan who brought a comb and glasses.

And there’s Jian who brought a Pac-Man puppet, an Australian flag, a watch, a family photo including the pets, an iPhone and some discs.