Dali Buddy Excursion – Years 4 to 6

By Pavlina, Rico and Visal 6CI

We clambered out of the bus like teddy bears. The sun blinded our eyes as we walked out to greet our buddies. The extravagant lush trees swished in the wind. We had arrived at an abandoned yet welcoming sanctuary. Soon we sat down on the icy bench, eating our snacks with our buddies. After we scoffed down our snacks, the teachers announced our groups for the day.

Our groups first entered the nearby room, not knowing what was going to happen next. A lady (our tour guide) asked for two fearless students, to face the unknown. We first saw a pine cone lizard, which licked the fearless people. After a frightening half an hour, we then went on a nature walk. We got to feed fluffy, affectionate kangaroos, dire to eat our yummy snacks. After that, we continued our relaxing nature walk, where we saw dingoes, parrots, as well as Tasmanian Devils.

At the duration of our tour, we sat down again for a little heart to heart with our buddies. It turns out they had gifts for us! Visal got an ancient flower pen, Rico got several fans and Pavlina got some Chinese tea and a notebook with a pen. After we got some glorious gifts, we moved on to lunch at Sofia’s Restaurant.

Once we arrived, we looked out to the endless ocean of blue, before trudging into the restaurant. After a hearty meal, eating like wolves, we had a modest scoop of ice-cream. But then it was time to leave our buddies and say our farewells. We commemorated our parting and presented our bundle of Australia and solemnly walked away.

Farewell Dali Buddies!