The Trading Game – Year 6CI

By Ruby, Latisha and Josh 6CI

This week, the year 6s were fortunate enough to play a fun and educational game.

In our Inquiry topic, ‘Global Village’ we have been exploring imports and exports.

So here is how it went. There were 4 countries: Haiti, Niger, Morocco and Australia. Each team/country got a different amount of gold depending on that countries wealth and conditions in the real world. Eg: Australia started with 70 gold, Morocco started with 24 gold, Niger started with 18 gold and Haiti started with 24. We used the Coles ‘Little Shop’ collection as the food and added other categories such as dirty water, clean water and fresh fruit and vegetables. They all cost different amounts of gold eg: fresh water 5 gold, dirty water 1 gold, logs 2 gold, fresh fruit and veggies 3 gold, treats 7 gold, hygiene 6 gold, etc. We were given a range of different scenarios to overcome, including fire, sickness, floods, and had to buy necessities for survival. Overall, the game has informed us about trading and the issues and conditions of various countries around the world.