Indonesia – Year 3 Around the World Rotations

In our Inquiry unit, the year threes ‘visited’ Indonesia with Mrs Astuti. Not only did they learn some facts about Indonesia, they now know how to say some handy phrases in Indonesian like “Apa kabar?” (how are you?)  and “Terima kasih” (thank you). They learnt about Indonesia’s rich cultures and traditions, for example the Balinese Mepeed ceremonies and the stone jumping tradition from the island of Nias. They also looked at some fascinating traditional ethnic houses as well as famous historical sites in Indonesia such as the Borobudur temple which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. When they saw some photos of famous Indonesian food, such as the yummy satay and Nasi Goreng, they realised that they knew them and had already tasted some! They saw strange and wonderful animals of Indonesia, such as the komodo dragon, but were sad to learn that a lot of them were endangered. They ended their trip by learning a traditional dance from West Sumatra called Tari Indang which involved clicking their fingers… a lot! They learnt so much from their visit to the Indonesian archipelago and it has broadened their horizons about our nearest neighbour in Asia.