Travel Brochures – Year 5

The Year 5s have been studying North America and Europe as part of our Geography unit. We have been looking at manmade and natural features of both continents. Our final task is to create a travel brochure that will encourage people to visit our chosen country. As you can see from the pictures, we have chosen a variety of topics such as currency, weather, famous landmarks, food and useful phrases.

Near the end of term we will be having a travel expo where we can explore what the other Year 5 classes did and decide on which country we want to visit the most. Perhaps we may even actually go to those countries one day!

Photo 19-11-18, 1 26 32 pmPhoto 19-11-18, 1 26 45 pmPhoto 19-11-18, 3 35 51 pmPhoto 19-11-18, 3 35 58 pm