Journeys Around the World – Year 1

The Year 1 students have had an adventurous year going on different journeys around the world, by listening to all the remarkable landmark presentations their peers have researched. We had so many wonderful and informative presentations, some of the places researched and presented were; The Leaning Tower of Pisa (isn’t Miss Xu strong), Hawaii Volcanos, Dead Sea, MCG, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Great Wall of China, The Great Sphinx of Giza (Miss Rawlings looks so small compared to the Sphinx), Sydney Opera House. The list just continues, there were just so many…where will you go for your next journey?

miss rawlingswwe-mcg-stadium-melbourne-2018-678x381hawaii_volcanoes_national_parkbrooklynBelow-The-Moon-Full-moon-over-the-Sydney-Opera-Housemiss xu pisa1200px-Dead_Sea_by_David_Shankbone

We’ve loved the topic so much that we’ve even tried to incorporate it into our Bugs unit!