Blast From The Past – Year 1

This term, our Inquiry topic in Year 1 is ‘Blast from the Past’. We have been looking into all the things that have happened before our time. So far we have been exposed to the different clothes people used to wear, the toys they used to play with, and more recently, we got to interview our family members about what school was like in the past. And oh boy, was school different back then. For starters, they didn’t have computers! We also found out most of our parents went to school in another country before coming to Australia. The most interesting part of our findings were there were so many things that were the same and different at the same time. For example, the subjects our parents studied were Literacy (not all English), Numeracy and Sport, just like we do at Thomas Mitchell Primary School. They also played many similar games growing up, for example elastics and hide and seek. Please see below for pictures of some of our Speaking and listening presentations that we shared with the class.