Investigations – Year 1

During Investigations, the Year 1 students will be going on journeys across the world, making lots of discoveries along the way.

Flag Matching – Students to match the flag to the name of the country

Flag Colouring – Students need to find flags of countries and then colour using the correct colours

Design a building – Students design and create their own building or landmarks

Landscape colouring/drawing – students draw or colour different landscapes around the world

People Around the World Puppets/ Drama –Students work together to put on a puppet show, using puppets dressed up from traditional outfits from around the world

Henna HandsStudents trace their hand and create their own ‘henna’ design

World Explorers Passport – Students to read through all the ‘World Explorer’ cards and answer the questions about 3 different countries in a passport.

World Map Puzzle – Students need to find where the puzzle pieces go on a world map

Chinese Calligraphy – Students to recreate Chinese characters

These are just some of the examples of the activities we will be using to explore the world with.