World’s Largest Lesson – Year 3

Term 4 Week 2

As part of our education on Global Goal #16 – Peace and Justice, the Year 3s discussed the concept of fairness and the importance of having good values. We looked at situations where an unkind action, if not stopped, could repeat itself (bullying). We also learnt that kind actions would be rewarded with kindness.

Term 4 Week 3

In Week 3, the Year 3s took part in the World’s Largest Lesson. The aim of this is to create awareness about the Global Goals. The goals we focused on were Goal #3 – Good Health & Well-being and Goal #16 – Peace and Justice.

The main activity was to create an inclusive playground where everyone would feel safe and included. Firstly, we brainstormed a range of childhood diseases and how we could create a safe space for these children. Next, we looked at the range of equipment that would suit children in wheelchairs and deaf and blind children. We then got into groups, sketched our playground designs and built them. Have a look at what we created using recycled materials!

What Global Goal # 16 – Peace & Justice Means To Me

by Marjan 3IW

Don’t go hunting Stop poverty and people living in hunger
We are all friends in our world and nothing will change that We are all kind
Christian, Muslim or Hindu – it doesn’t define us as we are all one We are all calm

Look at us helping our buddy classes learn about Global Goal #3!

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