Poetry – Year 6

This term, the Year 6 students have been exploring different types of poetry. One of the main aspects of poetry is to have a central idea. This idea must be embedded throughout the entire poem. Check out how these students have linked poetry to nature and the world around us!


When you think of the world, what do you see?

A rundown sphere, or a place where people are as happy as can be?

Spring is very nice and pretty,

And is rarely ever chilly

Winter is very cold and blue,

And I always get the flu

Autumn’s cold and warm, like it can’t make up its mind

Sometimes it can be cruel, sometimes it can be kind

Summer is so fun and has never been a bummer

The temperature is always a high number

That’s the world for you

As soon as you see it, you’d really like it too.

By Elaina


Our life is full of nature and care,

So don’t just stand there and stare.

Our nature is beautiful,

So don’t think it’s neutral.

Don’t waste your time,

While animals whine,

On useless stuff,

Cause they die soon enough.

Nature is under our blue sky,

So say hello before it says goodbye.

Soon enough our planet will be gone,

So save it before it becomes dawn. 

So use what is left of you,

To make the earth something new.

There is no time to waste,

So be quick before our nature is replaced.

I hope you understand,

What danger affects our land

Now this is the end,

I wish I could extend,

This loving rhyme,

But it might become a crime.

By Cindy, Valerija & Alara