Lunches Around The World – Prep

Our lunches come from all around the world!

In Prep, we always try our best to pack a Nude Food Lunchbox. A Nude Food lunchbox is one that does not have any packaging, instead food is packed using reusable containers.

Nude Food helps us to stay healthy and also helps us keep the earth clean.

Take a look at some of our delicious Nude Food lunches, that come from around the world.

You can use some of these ideas in your own lunchboxes.

Prep DH: Caden – Multigrain sandwiches
Prep PC: Eloise – Healthy wrap
Prep DH: Kimaya – Chickpeas
Prep MC: Yahya – Noodles
Prep SK: Gokul – Idli
Prep MC: Koby – Sushi