Plants Around The World – Year 4

The Year 4 students have completed a unit on information report writing. They had a number of weeks to research a plant native to another country and write an information report in their own words. They initially learnt how to research on google by entering only key words, and learnt how do identify trustworthy websites….

World’s Largest Lesson – Year 3

Term 4 Week 2 As part of our education on Global Goal #16 – Peace and Justice, the Year 3s discussed the concept of fairness and the importance of having good values. We looked at situations where an unkind action, if not stopped, could repeat itself (bullying). We also learnt that kind actions would be…

Plants Around The World – Year 2

As part of our unit ‘Watch it Grow’, the Year 2 students have been investigating and exploring interesting plants from around the world.  The plants that we studied were the orchid, bamboo, bonsai, air plant and cactus. Each class was given a plant to care for and do further research into. They were given an…

Fairytales From Around The World – Prep

This term, the Prep students have enjoyed reading fairytale stories. Did you know that fairytales originate from all over the world? The story of Little Red Riding Hood was told by peasants in Italy. The Three Billy Goats Gruff was first published in Norway between 1841-1844. The earliest recording of Rumpelstiltskin was found in Germany….

Information Reports Around The World – Year 5

In the past couple of weeks, the Year 5s planned and wrote information reports about different countries around the world. We chose these places based on where we’ve been, where our parents are from or where we’d like to go in the future. We went through the whole writing process including planning, drafting, editing and…

Genius Hour – Year 4

This Term, the Year 4 students have been learning about famous landmarks all around the world. They started the term by researching their favourite three landmarks with a partner. They then had to pick their favourite of the three landmarks to BUILD and bring to life as a design and technology project. They had a…

Creating A Health Care Building – Year 6

In Year 6, as a part of our Inquiry unit ‘Global Village’, students have been learning about the vast differences between Australian housing and health care and that of developing countries like Niger. Students participated in an activity where they needed to create a health care building that would positively benefit the country of Niger….